Dear Brothers and sisters, employees of the Care Company, may the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you. Today, we are pleased with this good gathering. In my capacity as the CEO of the company, I welcome you to the first workshop of the Care Company.

Before talking about what was presented to you today, I would like to assure you that our main goal is development and improvement, which is a circle that begins with each individual staff and ends with him. Ultimately on the individual, whether material or moral profit, the more the company expands and its financial profits increase, it will be keen on the participation of its employees in those profits through the application of the highest standards of job satisfaction for the employee through the application of annual policies to increase salaries, incentives.

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As you have seen from the presentation, both from the Human Resources Department and the Business Development Department, our goal in the next stage is to develop the employees and develop the company until the Care Company becomes the leading company not only in the field of cleaning but also in other fields We will not reach that until after each of you commits, above all, a moral obligation to be a positive individual characterized by fairness, honesty and honesty, and to bear responsibility, good initiative, motivation, and susceptibility to change and development. performance and ethics.Like what was presented to you, we have developed policies and procedures whose goal is only to develop the human resource, which is each one of you, and God willing, there will be a quarterly honoring for the hardworking employees and also annual bonuses. We also established a professional roadmap through which the employee can reach the highest job grades and promotions according to his performance and behavior within the company.We also decided that there will be other periodic activities, our goal is to improve individual satisfaction within the company.And I wish all employees to avoid the unethical practices once and for all, which would negatively affect the work within the company and be a reason for demolition, not development.We affirm that we will not tolerate those who are proven to have committed any of these practices and will not have a presence among us.As it was also presented to you, we have developed a business development plan, God willing. Our goal, as we mentioned, is to become a giant leading company in various fields. With Allah’s help and strength, we will reach those goals and we want you all to be part of that so that we all reach success and be partners in it. We ask Allah that our next meeting at the end of next year will be a celebration of the success we have achieved, and a ceremony of honoring, promoting and distributing rewards in kind or cash to those who contributed to that success.May Allah guide us and you to what is good and what benefits the company, and may God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

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